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To all the directions, dedicated to the 4th generation of freedom and to the next, by the born in the seventies of twentieth century with love and care.

"D4DC", aims to be the Architect, flashing LIGHT, emphasizing the FORTH DIMENSIONS of the WORLD of Architecture, enhancing the imagination of RAYS, thus carving the beauty of the CRESCENT & the GLOBE, throughout the SPACE.

"D4DC", is the TRADING HOUSE for buying and selling goods, products or services for money, from in-house, various manufacturers or wholesalers and selling them to retailers or customers. It's the first unit of the STARTUP GROUP, for the opportunity to develop as an entrepreneur.

What we offer 

:- Organic products 

:- Solar products 

:- Coir Products 

:- Dairy Products 

:- Electric Vehicle Products 

:- Electric Household Products

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