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COOL is the TREND... & here DNC is there with flavours of ICE CREAMS, to pump the adrenaline!

From kids, to the young at heart SENIORS, to rejoice and delight, on the HAPPY HOURS, DNC present products with natural rich ingredients. Flavours from our deshi style of innovative creations of the scoops with choices to go insane. The Deshi pride for our fruits, sweets and deserts would make it distinct and amend the MOOD, for a fun filled ride through the journey.

What we offer

:-  Pineapple Scoops

:-  Tender Coconut Scoops

:-  Banana Milk Scoops

:-  And more varieties in the yard


Startup is the KEY, and we are here launching, "Diya & Cadets", an Ice cream parlour serving the kids to the seniors, our love, with innovative Scoops. Our Deshi menu with passionate thoughts is the trend to keep it cool. With all due respects to the legendary brands, we pitch in the classic experiences tasted, with presentations to our beloved Countrymen, women and kids, our new brand DNC.

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